An example of channelled music from Spirit…

Synchronicity…a very meaningful connection for a very Spiritual lady!

Wow! I just listened to your recording of the channelled music from spirit. I literally cried tears of joy.

I had an NDE 20 years ago.  A memory from that time was the symphony that played all around. Only a few days ago, I asked my guides to remind me of this symphony. I was ecstatic when I came across your site shortly after but more specifically your channeled (recorded) spirit music.
This music was the closest thing I had ever found to that symphony that played when I went home. Its pure magic!



Proof of Spirit? Listen for the male voice at the end of the video saying ‘I have’

This was a very special message for me from Spirit telling me ‘I have’ everything in order to be successful in life, and the beginning of my Spiritual journey.