An example of channelled music from Spirit…

Synchronicity…a very meaningful connection for a very Spiritual lady!

Wow! I just listened to your recording of the channelled music from spirit. I literally cried tears of joy.

I had an NDE 20 years ago.  A memory from that time was the symphony that played all around. Only a few days ago, I asked my guides to remind me of this symphony. I was ecstatic when I came across your site shortly after but more specifically your channeled (recorded) spirit music.
This music was the closest thing I had ever found to that symphony that played when I went home. It’s pure magic!

I just visited your site and listened to your channeled music. The lady who wrote to you was right! I also recognize these harmonies from my NDE. It was very gently ‘playing’ in the background, but also through the very fiber of my being. The harmony (there was no tune or repetition) was as much part of me as I was with that harmony. Beautiful, thank you for that!

About your music/harmony: it is exactly what I ‘heard’. It is not exactly hearing, it is more like knowing that it is there and feeling it with every fiber of energy. It’s like the sound of energy. Because I believe that everything is energy, that is what I saw. Woven frequencies of bright light in vivid colours, and in the background that constant harmony of sounds…It is truly Spirit at work the way your recording came to be! Thank you for bringing a very tangible piece of Home to this place and time. X


Proof of Spirit? Listen for the male voice at the end of the video saying ‘I have’

This was a very special message for me from Spirit telling me ‘I have’ everything in order to be successful in life, and the beginning of my Spiritual journey.