Past Lives

Past Lives are of great interest to many who sense and believe that there is more to our existence than meets the eye. Why do we have any life at all? In the words of my Guide and Mentor Adam, ‘All will wish to be at one with the Divine Core that is LOVE beyond the comprehension and understanding of mere mortals.’ Therefore those of us who incarnate into the third dimension, do so with a carefully considered plan in order to refine the Spirit through the wealth of Earthly experience. It is up to us to take whatever path we wish, however at the end of the day, until we ‘get it’ and understand that Love Is All There Is, through thought, action and deed, then we will continue to learn our lessons on planet Earth – at times with difficulty, but always with our Spiritual Family behind us. Ultimately we will all move towards The Light – The Great All There Is, and a fulfilment of the soul in the understanding of pure Divine Energy.

We all have the ability to access Divine knowledge which may take patience and commitment beyond what many are prepared to do. Through my connection to Spirit I have viewed and understood many of my own lifetimes, some not so brilliant, others exceptional, such as my life with my Guide Little Wolf. We often hear about American Indian Spirit Guides, so much so that it appears to be mandatory to have one. However, here is a channelled past life portrait of myself as Little Doe with my husband at that time Little Wolf – a true love story with a little narrative to go with it!

Our Hunting Expedition

We were going on a little trip to the forest to do a bit of food gathering. Just a gentle jaunt – just the two of us. Women’s work really, but I need to be there for transport and protection – who else? You decided to take your time about it all, so I took a little walk about, just to nose around and see for myself whether perhaps, just perhaps, I could help in this menial of all tasks. Nothing else to do anyway!

I was chagrined to find myself waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Wretched woman, what is she up to? Oh well, leave her to it. I then heard a rustling in the bushes about me. About time, keeping a poor husband waiting all this time. What the devil has she been doing all this time? I turn to face you, most indignant and puffed up with pride and about to berate you with my masculine tongue. But what do I see instead but a huge bear, salivating and dribbling in great anticipation of a delicious meal – me! After the initial horror of the realisation of my predicament, I scamper up the nearest and most difficult tree of all to climb. The bear, deprived of its easy prey came sniffing about, its foul breath fairly making me swoon.

In the meantime, you arrive none too silently, and I, so concerned about you and the ferocious beast at the base of the tree. The bear puts its nose in the air and sniffs. I catch a whiff and realise he’ll probably be after you and your cache of fish. You assess the situation very admirably and merely lay the fish down in front of him, me nearly having a fit of apoplexy! The bear simply takes the fish and begins to maul it all, oblivious to us. So I come down as quickly as I can without hurting myself and grab you and run for dear life.

When we are at a safe distance you see my very pale and anxious face – if that were possible. You merely laugh! I see red and in a most dignified stance tell you this, “Woman, you have put yourself in a serious position by being so stupid as to feed a wild beast at such close quarters. What were you thinking of?” I puff myself up again and say, “Never be out of my sight again, you could have been in serious trouble.” To which you reply, “I do feel that the shoe was on the other foot today, my dear, dear man – don’t you think?”

What could I say? Full of as much pride and dignity as I could muster, I haul you off to the canoe. You sit smugly in the back while I paddled furious and red-faced as I put the blame firmly at your doorstep. I was a warrior through and through and face was saved by a bit of bowing and scraping on your part – just a bit, as befits a good wife of a very brave and courageous protector.

Little Doe and Little Wolf