A few of my testimonials…

My reading with you was unlike any reading I have had before, it was so incredibly in depth, it was like you actually saw my soul, you picked up on parts of me that no one else has, it was quite mind blowing, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future holds & how it will all unfold, thank you SO much. xxx

I would like to state a formal Thank You to Mirium Peter for utilising her wonderful Mediumship gift… she provided a lot of past information that resonated with me and my son… she was able to identify names of people.. places and things he loved whilst he was here in life.. wishing you all the best Mirium and I pray your gift grows and you are blessed with financial rewards.

You were the most spot on and detailed I’ve ever had…

When things happen out of the blue, the first thing I do is go back and search your emails. Sure enough you predicted about working in Egypt several times – you even predicted it would happen in January! Totally incredible and accurate predictions from you! (David, Canada)

Thank you so much Mirium for the messages. The information you gave was spot on and thank you for connecting to my nana. Highly recommend. xx

Thank you for my reading the other day. First of all, you warned me about someone’s brakes being an accident waiting to happen, my car was due for a pink slip & service so I got the mechanic to check the brakes too… picked it up today & turns out I had no brake pads left!!! How u knew that blows my mind as they seemed fine to me, but I’m very grateful as I have a LOT of kms to travel in the next week & will have my 4 kids in the car so safety is paramount! My husband got a real kick out of some messages from his uncles including how spot on you are. You described his uncle’s dog, his beer of choice, his bad teeth (I didn’t know he had dentures, he was only in his early 30’s) the horse taking off on him as a kid when he was with him & a specific detail of an accordion when they went to the site where his body was found. That was crazy. You picked up that my husbands knee was playing up before he even told me about it & also told me someone had a sore toe.. turns out his pop had a swollen toe due to an infection in a wound from surgery. On top of all this, predictions from my previous reading still come out & some are echoed in my latest reading. I also think you explained something I’ve never understood in regards to my parents, my husband & I agree you hit the nail on the head with it. The notes from before we started perfectly explained where I was at when I made the appointment & I related to so much. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You have a special gift!

Your time is greatly appreciated. You’re absolutely amazing at what you do and have such a special gift! From people I know that have had readings with you are so amazingly accurate with everything…I’ve had friends and then also heard from different people about how awesome and spot on your readings are.

Oh my gosh! Lump in my throat…tears in my eyes…You are spot on and I thank you for sharing your gift…I am most thankful…keep shining your light!

I first went to see Mirium in February 2012. I was a little nervous as I had never seen someone who could channel spirits before so I had no idea what to expect. My Dad had seen Mirium many times in the years prior to him passing away in 2009. He always spoke very positively about Mirium and had said that I would really benefit by seeing her one day. So three years later on the day that would have been his 48th Birthday I was standing on Mirium’s door step. She answered the door and I instantly felt at ease. She was warm and friendly and there was a positive energy throughout the house that felt peaceful and comforting. The session started with a card reading where all the cards that were turned over related to something significant in my life. Mirium explained each card and why that particular card related to me. It was amazingly accurate. After the card reading Mirium prepared to channel spirits by envisioning a white light around us for protection. My Dad came through immediately with lots of important messages and guidance. As Mirium relayed what he was saying, gestures he was making and what he looked like it was exactly how I had remembered him. I was stunned at how specific some of these messages were such as “tell mum it’s okay to move James to another school, she has been worried about it” and “Elise needs to work hard at Uni and believe in herself”. I had also been worried about where my life was going and what the future had in-store. Mirium reassured me that I had chosen the right career path and that it would take me further then I could imagine. The session was everything I wanted and more. I left feeling content and unworried about the future. I was so happy that I got to talk to my Dad and was eager to go home and relay the messages to my family. Seeing Mirium was life changing as it opened up so many opportunities for me and allowed me to be confident in the path I had chosen to take in life. Thanks Mirium.

I think about you often and wonder how you are. It’s amazing what an impact on my life you had in such a short time. I remember your wonderful artworks and you teaching me a lot. Do you remember at the library in Wagga, I think it was the library, you sat down at the piano and channelled a being and started playing amazing piano? I was a boy but I still remember that!! I’m now 29 and all grown up (although still trying to grow up!!). (BJ, Canada)

I’m feeling so blessed to have such an awesome reading from Mirium after she picked up from a post on my ring. She has an amazing gift – I have honestly never had such an accurate reading (and I have had many). I got a lot of satisfaction from the reading. Thank you again Mirium. xx

Not sure if you remember but you said something about the pool and swimming lessons, then the Bonds undies everywhere…. Well we had some visitors who had children so we went swimming (where they were giving swimming lessons) then later on that night one of the kids pulled heaps of my Bonds undies out of the drawer and had them all over the lounge, on the tv, trying them on…. So made me think back to the reading. I feel heaps better and know it won’t be scary making the changes to get happy again. You do amazing work and I bet help heaps of people to feel better about life!

My experiences with having Mirium read for me were truly enlightening. Right from the get-go, she accurately picked up upon my own turbulent emotions and feelings at the time, offering not only advice gleaned from visions of future scenarios and events to come, but also kind friendly words of compassion and notions of eternal hope to spring forth in the near future. Speaking with Mirium is not an experience of that of a rigid customer-client model, but rather like an elucidating conversation taking place between two old friends whom have known each other for ages. Many of Mirium’s short term revelations came to pass quickly within just a week’s time with regards to events predicted, people to be seen my having contact with, and actual conversational topics and verbatim cliches or phrases spoken between myself and other people! Mirium performed a superb job offering me insights into areas of life concerning career, finance, love, and family.  She will inform you of events spot on, as they really are, rather than what you simply want to hear; however, this is all carried on within a caring way with gentle finesse!  Not only does she perform wise counsel and insights like that of a close friend, but she is also a gifted artist in revealing to people the true energy that flows from within their own soul and energy centers. One simply cannot go wrong with consulting with Mirium regardless of whatever areas or niches one needs advice upon.  You will wake away feeling not only more enlightened and wisely informed, but also more empowered with a sense of confidence, strength, and the ability to make necessary upcoming changes within one’s own life! (Steve, MA, USA)

Some more feedback on other readings from the US… You are beyond great at what you do – I’m still blown away about what you told me 2 years ago. I can’t stop thinking about it sometimes. Thanks a lot Mirium! You’re the best!

Last night Mirium did a reading for me as she has done on a couple of occasions in the past! Since meeting Mirium Peter years ago I am amazed at her incredible insights together with her astonishing gifts! I trust her above any other with every fibre of my being to give me the truth and to lead me back to a place of light! Her readings are always spot on! Bless u for again coming to my rescue last night! You are The One! Namaste!

I’ve been gifted an aura energy drawing and reading by Mirium Peter. Mirium attached a channeled message to go with the drawing too – tips on how to balance my energies a little better (last 2 months I’ve struggled a little) AND some awesome advice for my business with encouragement to KEEP GOING in the direction I’m focused on. I feel healing occurring every time I look at the pic too.

Thankyou Mirium Peter!!!! This is a spirit guide of mine!!! Isn’t she beautiful??? So blessed to have the influence of indigenous culture in my life through this blessed spirit…A part that I knew was connected to me on soul level… feel her presence always & I’m so honoured to now have my very own Mirium drawing xxx 

Gosh! I still have my notes from Mirium Peter and refer to them if I have an inkling of something that was said all that long ago! She was incredibly accurate! Amazingly gifted woman! Blessings to u!

I had an amazing reading from Mirium! She was very friendly and personable. I immediately felt at ease. She was incredibly accurate. She picked up on so many things that were spot on. I also had someone unexpected come through. It was a great way to get closure on something that has bothered me for most of my life. I am so grateful for the information I received during my reading & I will definitely return for future readings! 

I have cried and cried after reading what you wrote and I see it as a release. xxx  I thank you so much, no words would ever be enough for what you have done for me. xoxoxox

On the 17th of December 2014 I lost my best friend in a tragic accident. I was at the accident scene only minutes later. It was terrible. From that moment on something kept telling me to contact a clairvoyant. I googled clairvoyant Wagga and Mirium came up. When talking to Mirium a particular very unusual name came across, I knew then that she was in contact with him. It gave me great relief when she told me it was quick and he was surrounded with love. I knew that was right because we were all there with him, however it is still very hard to come to terms with my tragic loss. Mirium mentioned travel events we had been talking about,  my dog and lots of other things only he would know. In months to come I will talk to Mirium hopefully in person. What a great gift she has!

I have now had a couple of readings with Mirium. I am amazed with her insight and accuracy. There were specific time frames, places, people and even feelings that were very accurate. She was able to describe the personalities of my loved ones, both passed and still with me. She was able to relay valuable messages from passed loved ones that had me in tears and smiling.

Love your readings and the fact you write them down. You can go back years later and think…. Yes that happened and that happened and that happened…nice!

When I booked my reading with you I had no idea of what to expect but I found that I received so much information about my life that it blew me away. You mentioned the name of my childhood pet which I hadn’t thought about in years and traits about my father that were not widely known. I went to you because I have lost direction in my life and after the session with you I am now looking into study and moving my life towards a more positive and spiritual way of living. 

My session with you gave me goosebumps! The excitement and pleasure I got out of today will amaze me for many years to come and I can’t believe I couldn’t look past my scepticisms and come sooner. I can’t wait to start my life, and the thrill of knowing what I am able to achieve with my career goals in the media industry has me dumbfounded. I feel different, exhilarated and also a little frightened, the necessary changes that need to be made will not be small ones, but will be the right ones.

Spoke to my mother about the weekend. She was able to fill in some gaps for me and she was totally blown away by the accuracy of everything. My brother was away for the weekend but I am sure he will be equally shocked with the messages for him and the kids.

On My Artwork

The more you look the more u get drawn into it, could meditate on this and go to another world…

Your art work shows the pure love you have for spirit, amazing!

Love the colours, the eyes are like crystals – very beautiful.

I love your pictures. I think they actually change my brain chemistry!

She is mesmerising and I had an energetic realignment looking at her!

The eyes feel like they are looking at my soul. I got goosebumps looking at this!

It’s incredible! I love this which is probably an understatement but I just can’t find the words to say how this picture makes me feel…

Beautiful! Radiates pure joy.

It moved me to tears!

It gives me a wonderful sensation in my heart and belly. Beautiful work.

You are a very rare breed – you have an incredible talent and I am humbled by your ability.

It is really ethereal, so divine I love it!